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Catalonia National Day


Don’t read it, live it! 

Virtual tour with 3 panoramic  360° photos for the promotion  of the National Day of Catalonia.

One hour after the demonstrations had finish, users of all over the world where able to live them as if they were there thanks to this virtual tour.

A tour with a great reception in social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter, where in less than two days had more than 20,000 shares&likes and 15,000 tweets.

To commemorate the massive demonstration this september 11th, LaVanguardia.com offers readers three images of concentration made ​​in panoramic format. This is the panojournalism, newly coined a term used to describe the application of the technology of panoramic photographs or 360 to the digital journalism .

These images, which allow a full 360 degrees by 180, are obtained by a specific equipment: a telescopic mast with a special ball and a digital camera with a wide angle lens.

These photographies have been performed and produced for La Vanguardia by the catalan company visita3D, a creative agency and virtual tour specialist based in Barcelona, with a history of more than five years realizing tour projects for major companies and government organizations.


(La Vanguardia Spanish Newspaper report of the new)

  • Client La Vanguardia
  • Project type PanoJournalism
  • Sector Journalism, Events
  • Project year 2012
  • Skills 1 hour ready to go project