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Jun 2013

Sabadell Giga

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Sabadell Giga is a project on our own. We did from the top roof of one of the highest city buildings to experience how far we could arrive with GigaPanos. Here is a first result and much more to come…


May 2013

Panotag Barça vs Madrid

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Find, tag and share. In this high resolution 360º panoramic photography, we offer the user the possibility to say “I was there”.

The numbers of this PanoTag virtual tour:

  1. 1.600 tags
  2. More than 200.000 visits
  3. 3.500 facebook likes
  4. 650 tweets
  5. 5,5 giga pixels through 350 stiched photos
  6. ready to go on the Internet in 12 hours

Barca-Madrid has offered many images that have been seen all around the world, but certainly the most impressive is this  a panoramic image of Camp Nou in high resolution, that we present.

visita3D has created in collaboration with LaVanguardia and Mundo Deportivo  the “clasico” panotag which commemorates a match of global relevance.
To create this image of about 5.5 giga pixels, visita3D stiched more than 300 photos that allow to remember that magic moment from a unique perspective.

(La Vanguardia Spanish Newspaper report of the new)


May 2013

Picasso Museum

/ Gigapano, Museum, Portfolio, Sectors, Virtual Tour /


Live Picasso Museum courtyards thanks to this high resolution virtual tour in a innovatively, interactive and highly visual way to discover the elements built over time in these iconic buildings.

A mobile friendly virtual tour that offers gigapan photographies to aprecite at any time, at any moment, this amazing Museum Picasso courtyards and their smallest detail.